FRIDAY!  Thank you!

Its finally the weekend.  What are everyone’s plans?  Tonight, I totally plan on being a bum on the couch.  I’m still not feeling 100% and want to take it easy.  We have a wedding tomorrow evening and I’m hoping to be able to make it to at least dinner.

Guess what I got????

Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea!

I finally made my way to get my glasses!  Unfortunately, I’m still having issues with my eyes and I’m going to have to lay off the contacts for longer than expected.   After I heard that little piece of news, I got my butt directly to Lenscrafters to check out my Ray Bans!  I probably tried on 30 pairs or so (I was just being thorough!) and ultimately ended up with the frame I went there for in the first place.

The gentleman at the store did bring me another pair that I loved – designed by Tiffany & Co.  They were simple, black plastic frames, but I loved them.  Naturally they were $320, which was $160 more than the Ray Bans.  I told him to take them away from me immediately.  I know if I came home with those glasses, the first thing my husband would say is that I only bought them because they were Tiffany – which would have been absolutely absurd.  So, what do you think???

I haven’t been able to really cook anything in our kitchen because of our busted sink, but we were able to make our Burrito Bowls.  Check ’em out:

The spread

How to building a Courtney Burrito

Rice first

One final ingredient!

The finished product!

We got out of work early today, so naturally I made a beeline for the nail salon to get my nails did.  Lincoln Park AFter Dark, oh how I’ve missed thee.

I hope everyone checked out the Must/Lust List for this week.  I’m still dreaming about those heels!

Enjoy the beautiful, fall weekend!


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