It was COLD this morning!  I had to turn the heat UP in the car.

I woke up to wonderful surprise:  a scratchy throat and sniffles!  Noooooo….It’s too early in the season for me to get sick!  I normally am lucky enough to get a Christmas cold.  I cannot get sick!  To stifle this cold where it stands, I drank a ton of H2O today and ate as much fruit as I could get my hands on.

Last night’s dinner was kind of random.  Our sink is broken and its a pain in the butt to do the dishes, so I kept it simple.




Ok ok, I confess!  I had some of these too:

Yesterday was Flower Day at work in support of the United Way, and I must say, someone’s popular.  😉

Even though they’re carnations, they’re such pretty bright colors.  I love having them in my ‘cube’.

Did anyone watch Glee last night?  I couldn’t figure out the part with the girls making out.  Even as I write this, I still don’t get it.  Favorite song was “Lucky” – no, I am not currently listening to it online!

Modern Family is tonight – luckily we get a nice off from baseball.   We’re having Burrito Bowls for dinner – yes!  I love these!  It’s nothing too fancy and pretty simple, but I’ll post some pictures anyway.  I think I’m finally getting used to taking pictures of EVERYTHING for the blog, so it’s becoming second nature to have a camera in my hands at all times.  I may even start telling friends to check this out.  Am I ready???  Thoughts??

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