Better Late than Never….

I cannot believe it is October 12 already. This year is absolutely flying by and before you know it there will snow on the ground. I am totally loving the fall weather though. Today, I pulled out my leather boots for the very first time this season. I forgot how cute and comfortable they are! I splurged earlier this year on a pair of gorgeous brown boots, but I have’t had the nerve to wear they yet because I’m terrified they’ll get scratched or something. I’ll wait for the perfect weather conditions before I break those bad boys out.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts this weekend! It was a crazy one, albeit fun. Friday night we stayed in to watch the game with some friends. I know this may give you deja vu, however, we ordered pizza again! This time we ordered a Chicken and Ranch pizza too (plus some wings!). I put a little hot sauce on the chicken pizza and it was wonderful!

I had to wash the pizza down with something...

Saturday, oh Saturday. What can I say about this day? Well, it started off with a visit from our handyman to fix a few things around the house. [Side note: He, in fact, made the problem worse and we currently are unable to use our kitchen sink. Fun, right?] I made PUMPKIN BREAD. Now, I cheated. I’ll admit it. I used a BOX!!! EEK! Although it turned out fabulous. I contemplated tossing in some chocolate chips, but alas, just decided to go the plain route.

It smelled and tasted like heaven.  It was gone by Sunday night.

We then caught up with friends of ours that were putting on a bar crawl in our town. We didn’t want to do the whole ‘crawl’ so we waited until the third stop to join in. I don’t exactly know how it happened [a drink called the Conshy Crush] but somehow the tornado of people picked us up and carried us to 2 more bars! Obviously, totally and completely against our will. The result? I was asleep by 10:00. I was able to salvage some pictures and show you some of the carnage:

That damned Conshy Crush!

No, no, this is the right way. My husband shamed me by taking pictures of me dancing to Like a Prayer.

Sunday, I had to drag myself out of bed to get to a baby shower for a good friend of mine. I’ll show you some shots:


Prize for getting...

Baby Bingo!

I came home and collapsed made dinner. Its a quick and easy recipe by yours truly.

Sausage and Diced Tomatoes

Hot Italian Sausage

1 lb Penne Pasta

1 16 oz. can of Diced Tomatoes (with chiles)

1/2 16 oz can of Diced Tomatoes

Shredded Mozzarella



*Cook the pasta according to the instructions

*Saute the sausage in a little water, covered, until brown

*Cut sausage into pieces

*Add the can of tomatoes with chiles and half can of the regular diced. Sprinkle in some salt, pepper and parmesan cheese, if you have. Saute together for about 5 minutes.

*Add the sausage and tomatoes to the pasta and sprinkle with mozzarella.  You may want to add a little EVOO.

*Serve with your favorite RED WINE!

Well, I didn’t end up looking at the Ray Bans like I wanted to, especially with that tornado and everything. I’m hoping to get there one night this week. Tonight, I just had to go to the gym. I could just feel the inches piling on.

I’ll definitely post a Must/Lust for this week at some point.

Have a great night!

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