My Monday ended as gloomy as it began – in the dentist’s chair. Why oh why did I schedule a cleaning on a Monday?? I hate the dentist, as most people do. The ONLY good thing about my dentist is that he’s gorgeous! He can clean my mouth any day… ahem. Sorry for that. 😉

Foodnote: I should never have deli meats around the house, because this always happens:

This is me on the way out the door to the dentist. It was a must-have, I assure you!

Yesterday was such a cold rainy day, that I thought I’d finally break out these bad boys!

I love wearing my Hunter Boots. I feel invincible! I can walk through mud and puddles and not even bat an eye! (as I did with this bad boy)

I was able to bring in all my newly purchased goodies for lunch yesterday. Here’s what the workday spread looked like…

I stocked up on my Honeycrisp Apples!

All packed up and ready to rock.

I almost forgot my “milk’ for the week!

Tomorrow I’m going to work on perfecting my Macaroni and Cheese! I wanted something fun and cozy to watch the Phillies in Game 1 of the NLDS!! Go Phils!

Of course I’ll post pics and the recipe on Thursday!


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