Happy Donut Day!

I love Fridays and not just because it means the weekend is finally here. Each and every Friday at work is Donut Day. I love not having to pack a breakfast. Usually the individual whose turn it is to bring in breakfast has a decent donut to bagel ratio. I always go for the whole wheat bagel – which is well known throughout my group. I’ll get half a bagel and some fruit, if I’m lucky. The normal stomping grounds is Dunkin Donuts – not too surprising since they are everywhere! Sometimes its just too hard to pass up a good donut….


[Image Source]

See what I mean??

Lunch is more leftovers – still haven’t grocery shopped. I’ll spare you the photos. Last night’s dinner – CHIPOTLE – was awesome. Natch. Fridays are also a day when we order out. I refuse to cook on Fridays, unless we are shut in via blizzard.

We have a Penn State Party to go to tomorrow – Let’s Go State! Gotta finally beat those Iowa Hawkeyes!


[Paaaay no attention to the arm fat in this photo!!!]

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This picture comes to via our television from our condo on Kauai. We spent our first day there watching PSU football. Doesn’t everyone do that on their honeymoon?

Every football season, I end up making this dip so many times that I can make it with my eyes closed. I’ve even politely declined to bring it to parties. Don’t get me wrong – I love that everyone loves and requests it. There are just so many other dips/party foods that are begging to be made! I received this recipe from a friend, and she got it from a friend, etc. I’m sure people have heard of it.


2 Blocks of cream cheese (I’ve used the fat free or the reduced fat and no one has noticed)

16 oz bottle of ranch (light or fat free)

12 ox bottle of Franks Hot Sauce

2 pack of Perdue Short Cuts cubed (or any other cooked, shredded chicken)

8 oz shredded cheddar cheese

Fritos scoops (approximately 2 bags)

Blend the cream cheese, hot sauce, ranch and chicken. Sprinkle a little cheese into the mixture, but save some for the top.

Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes until bubbly.

If you’re ever stuck for something to bring, this is always a favorite!

Sun’s finally out again and tonight I’m very excited to spend some time with this chick:


Happy Friday!

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