Slowing getting the hang…

Well today started off as promised….

DSC02164 DSC02165

I passed the new Jimmy Johns on my way to work this morning. This place delivered a hoagie to my house in 7 minutes! This is going to be trouble…


Breakfast was the same as yesterday – I’ll say it again – I NEED TO FOOD SHOP!


Lunch was leftovers from last night’s dinner.

What? You don’t have a full set of silverware in your drawer at work too??



I’ve noticed the past couple days that I’ve been so busy at work, I’ve barely had anything to drink besides my coffee – which is, after all, the most important drink of the day! I always bring my water bottle that I refill throughout the day. Well, try to remember to drink and refill throughout the day anyway.  For me, its truly a conscious effort to remember to keep drinking. I try to tell myself to refill the bottle at least 2 times per day. Sometimes it works, sometimes, well, you know. What are some of your favorite tips to keep us hydrated?

Oh, and go ahead and laugh all you want at my Twilight mug…I’m a Twihard (as Perez Hilton would call me) and I ‘m not ashamed of it one bit. Team Edward!


For dinner tonight, my husband send me an email asking if he should stop at a secret burrito place for dinner. For those of you outside of my marriage, that’s code for CHIPOTLE! I will spare you the visual of me eating my glorious burrito bowl. Simply put, there wasn’t a drop left of the glorious chicken, fresh pica de gallo and cheese. Yes, I get cheese (and a small dollop of sour cream). As if that was even a question when it came to Chipotle.


[Image source]

Ok, let’s get back on track:

I began receiving daily updates from a website called VItal Juice. They have publish various editions for cities like, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. While they don’t have Philly edition quite yet, I’ve been receiving the NYC emails. They update you on “new workouts, healthy eateries, spas and gurus”. Its a great way to hear about cutting edge workout trends, as well as new products. The update I received yesterday included Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles. Has anyone heard or tried these? The reviewer absolutely adored this chocolate. It contains walnuts, flaxseed and blueberries and is only 40 to 60 calories! I’ve got to get my hands on some!


[Image Source]

Well, its Thirsty Thursday folks. It’s been a long week and may just pour myself a cocktail. I’ll leave you with a picture of the beautiful (and huge) lilies we received from my in-laws for our one-year anniversary. I needed something to brighten my day after all this rain and gloom!

DSC02161 DSC02163

Have a good night!

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