Must/Lust List

Today’s my very first MUST!  I came across the designer Orla Kiely and just thought that the her designs were modern and girly.

I've had my eye on this laptop bag....

I don’t like anything too modern, however, just little touches here and there.  We have a pretty basic living room – tan couch with an oriental rug.  I wanted something a little brighter and more modern for the pillows.  I found these on the etsy shop PipDesigns.  They instantly reminded me of Orla’s designs and were definitely a lot cheaper than getting 3 new pillows.  The covers were beautifully made and came out to be $20 a cover!

If you haven’t already checked out Etsy, it’s a great place to find handmade clothing, invitations (like my wedding invites!), etc.  It has everything.  Check it out!

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One Response to Must/Lust List

  1. Love the fun prints…the purse I’m sporting right now a really similar pattern!

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